Our time in Denmark is almost over!

This blog has gotten a bit long. I hadn’t written in a while, so I’m catching up. Further on you can read, among other things, how a boy, who was born with a deaf right ear, heals! After living in Denmark for almost 14 months, we think it is time to return to the Netherlands […]

A year in Denmark!

It has now been a year since we got in the car and left for Denmark for an unknown future. The year has flown by and we have experienced and learned so much about living with God! He is good and did not let us down :). We found some pictures from our farewell party […]

The Netherlands, the movie, and more :)

We are in the Netherlands this week. So nice to catch up with all the family and friends again! It is also high time to give an update on everything that has happened lately. The story behind the movie Last month our movie The Last Reformation – The Beginning hatched. And we are very happy […]

Happy 2016!!

Hi everybody! We want to wish you a wonderful and blessed 2016! We miss you and our own Netherlands quite a lot in this time, but we are happy with all the friends we have around us to celebrate this holiday season with! 2015 was a very special year for us. A lot has happened […]

Reuben born!

Okay, maybe this is old news for many, because Ruben was born five weeks ago. We are in the Netherlands this week, so we can also show it to his family and our friends 🙂 And I was also reminded here that it’s high time to update the blog again 😉 So here it is! […]

Back from the Netherlands

Just a quick update from us. It was nice to be back in the Netherlands for a while! Lots of family and friends along to catch up 🙂 The weekend in Apeldoorn was also very nice! An acquaintance spontaneously offered her house in Apeldoorn when I shared in the previous blog that we would come […]

Got a house!!!

Hi everybody! It’s been way too long since I’ve written an update on our life in Denmark. As you can read in the title we got a beautiful house 🙂 And just in time, before the baby comes! You can read more about it further on. First an update of what has happened lately and […]

Amazing weekend!

Last week we had another kickstart weekend. We have a weekend like this every month. People come from all over the world to be trained, baptized, receive healing, etc. This time we had people from Thailand, the United States, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Denmark. The training […]

Time flies..

Time goes by so fast! It’s been weeks since I wrote the last post. That included the first program that was released. In the meantime we have already made 6! And the responses we get back are very good. Like these: I think we’ll just have to cut and paste the responses to each episode, […]

First recordings in the studio

Yes! Yesterday and today we put the new studio into use for the first time. It’s been almost a year since Torben released the last episode of The Pioneer School. Now a new series is coming out with the aim of encouraging people to make the kingdom of God visible in everyday life. Many people […]

Residents of Denmark

Yesterday our emigration to Denmark was officially completed! That means that the paperwork is complete and we are Danish residents, with a Danish social security number etc. This also makes it possible, for example, to request childcare / school or open a bank account, etc. Glad it’s all over now 🙂

Back from vacation – healings during Revival

We returned today after a beautiful ‘holiday’ in the Netherlands. We went to the Pentecost Revival conference and the following week we celebrated my father-in-law and my grandmother’s birthday. In the meantime, we also made several visits to friends. It was also special to visit our own house :), with Fabian and Albertine, who rent […]

Unexpected visit!

Yesterday Tonnie and Eefke came by unexpectedly to drink coffee! They also came to bring the new supplies 🙂

To the harbor

Today we explored the harbor… ..and eaten some delicious leftovers from a party for which Lene had baked all kinds of things. This was yesterday. We were at a ‘service’ of Torben and Luke 10 in Åarhus. Fortunately a playground next door. This morning I posted another story on this site about how we got […]


Here’s another update from us. Somehow I am unable to reach this blog from the provider here in Denmark. So only through a ‘detour’ I can keep up with the blog on the PC. Not so handy, that’s why we don’t write that often. We’re fine. We are getting more and more accustomed to life […]

Quiet weekend

This weekend the whole ‘Luke 10’ school was out and about. This group of students is learning to go out and preach the gospel the way Jesus taught in the Bible in Luke chapter 10. They go to a certain city in search of a ‘person of peace’. That is someone who is open to […]

One week in Denmark

We have been in Denmark for over a week now. Today I called my parents and they were curious how we are doing and they asked if we can keep a blog. We wanted to do this ourselves, but because of all the crowds, it hasn’t happened yet. But here’s an attempt to keep a […]