Mission Week

Several months ago, early this year, an old friend contacted us asking if we could meet sometime. We knew him from when we lived in Denmark (2015-2016). We connected via video call and soon found out that we share the same vision of reaching people with the gospel. He explained that God had spoken to […]

2023, a year full of blessings and challenges

Dear people, so at the end of the year it is time to take a moment to look back over the past year and look ahead to the new year. 2023 was a good year for us with many great moments but also challenges. But God is always good! The year began with the wedding […]

He was jumping in front of the church entrance!

This weekend Alberto, Rodrigo and I went out to bring the gospel. This is something we have wanted to do for some time: to go on the road with the three of us without a plan and spend a few days in a village or town telling people about Jesus. Last weekend the time came […]

Moved! (or not…)

Until now we have been living in a typical Spanish (or better: Andalusian) village for quite some time. It really is a beautiful place. But a big disadvantage is that we have not yet mastered the Spanish language very well and little (almost no) English is spoken in this village. So it had been going […]

What a beautiful place we actually live in ❤️

Hi all, wishing you all a wonderful 2023! I always find it special, a new year, with new opportunities, challenges. At the turn last year (2021-2022) Evelyn, the children and I wrote on a paper where we expected to be in exactly one year. We then read these papers to each other last week to […]

Schools and mission trips!

We had a very nice Pioneer Training School! A great team and great students. Just now we waved goodbye to the last participants. It was the first time we held a school at this location, and it has been very good. Especially for families, the place turned out to be very suitable, with lots of […]

A beautiful weekend Portugal (and Thijs baptized!)

Last week we traveled to Portugal for a kickstart weekend. We left with a full car (7 people). Thijs was also allowed to come along this time, it was quite an adventure for him! Since it was quite a drive, we decided to spend the night somewhere halfway. We asked a new disciple Javier, who […]

El refugio de Dios (The refuge of God)

Hey all, just an update from the south of Spain! In this period we are working hard to prepare the disciple house which our Dutch friends Ronald and Ellen recently bought. https://robbertdam.nl/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/vid-sabariego.mp4 We hadn’t been in the south of Spain long when I had some email contact with Ronald. I knew him from a year […]

‘Are they refugees from Ukraine?’ – Whole family baptized

In my previous blog, I wrote about the plan to reach the white villages of Spain with the gospel. We went with a team along the way to about nine places to take the gospel there. This is now behind us! And very nice things happened again! Rodrigo and I said to each other at […]

Reaching the white villages of Spain

Nice of you to read our blog! A lot has been happening again recently, too much to share all here, but I’m going to make an attempt. Overall we are doing really well We are still in Cuevas Del Becerro and renting a house there for an extended period. It’s a period of calm where […]

Continue with different groups!

Hey all, 2021 is flying by and a lot of things have happened in the past few weeks. That’s why I’d like to update you on the past period. The PTS school In my previous blog I wrote about the PTS school and a beautiful testimony of what happened there. How the police came and […]

The police came by…

Hey all, here is an update from us. I had written the following a while back, but didn’t finish it. So I’m posting this here after all. A beautiful testimony about how God works in difficult situations! 22-10-2021: Meanwhile, PTS school is in full swing! We are now at the end of the 2nd week […]

What a change!

“Taste and see that the LORD is good.” (Psalm 34 verse 8) Yeah, it’s really amazing to see. Earlier in my blog you could see a video about Salvador who decided to follow Jesus and was baptized. He was at that time addicted to alcohol, was considerably overweight, lived in a house full of cockroaches […]

Just two more weeks…

…and the first Pioneer Training School in Spain begins! We are still working hard every day to prepare everything. It’s quite a challenge to get it all done in time. The team is growing quite a bit. Meanwhile Nadia, Andre, Sophie and Mirjam have also arrived. Every morning we meet at 10:00 to discuss the […]

Back in Malaga again!

Time for another update! We went to the Netherlands in August for a wedding and a PTS. That was quite a journey! It took us no less than 10 days in total – the camper is not very fast. Many beautiful things have happened again during the PTS in the Netherlands. The highlights are always […]

God is adding people to our team!

When I wrote the previous message, we were still in Torremejía, a town just below Mérida. In the meantime we traveled further to the province of Málaga. We first spent two days at the sea in Torremolinos. That was nice, but we couldn’t really do much there and we felt we were out of place […]

An update from Spain!

So, I felt like writing something for my blog again. It’s been way too long! I intended to Twitter and also this blog… but in practice that turns out to be difficult. The main reason is that a journey like this is full of surprises. And sometimes it takes so completely unexpected turns that you […]

God at work in Ourense!

Hi everybody! I’ll send you an update from a small town Ribadavia near Ourense. After 18 nights in the camper we have now 2 Booked an AirBnb for our family for nights. The others sleep with a host family (Caleb, Katherine and Andre) and Abraham and Annemarie in their camper. Ruben didn’t feel well yesterday, […]

Lighting fires everywhere…

A new chapter is starting in our lives and quite a lot of people have already asked to keep a blog again. I’m going to try that, although it’s quite difficult in practice! That’s why I started a Twitter account with which I can at least send out updates via short messages about where we […]