El refugio de Dios (The refuge of God)

Hey all, just an update from the south of Spain!

In this period we are working hard to prepare the disciple house which our Dutch friends Ronald and Ellen recently bought.

We hadn’t been in the south of Spain long when I had some email contact with Ronald. I knew him from a year or 2 back and I had no idea that he and his wife had anything special with Spain. A few days after that email contact, he was sitting in our couch, as it turned out he was in Spain and staying near us!

To us, this seemed like a God-ordained meeting and we asked Ronald if he would like to help with the Pioneer Training School that would take place in the Netherlands during the summer. He responded positively to that and so together we did this PTS in the summer of 2021 in the Netherlands.

During the PTS, he met Alberto and Giulia. They decided to get married during the PTS and were looking for a suitable wedding location. That became Spain :).

Ronald and Ellen were invited to the wedding. And once back in Spain, an old dream came back to them: the purchase of a house that can be used for God’s Kingdom. During the days of the weddingt we started looking at that together.

And to make a long story short, shortly thereafter they decided to buy a house in that area!

Initially, the idea was that we would live there as a family. You can read about that in an earlier blog as well. But later we came back to that – the house was not practical for us as a family. But for a lot of other purposes. For example, we will be holding a Pioneer Training School there in June! Amazing that God has arranged all this like this.

The team can already stay there now and lend a hand to refurbish everything, there is still quite a bit of work to do :).

Ultimately, it is envisioned that this house will be a place for missionaries/disciples to catch their breath and receive restoration. If you click on this link you will find more info on that.

Pioneer Training School in June

In the video below, an invitation to the Pioneer Training School in June in Spain! If you would like to attend a school yourself or want more info…. get in touch!

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