He was jumping in front of the church entrance!

This weekend Alberto, Rodrigo and I went out to bring the gospel. This is something we have wanted to do for some time: to go on the road with the three of us without a plan and spend a few days in a village or town telling people about Jesus. Last weekend the time came and we decided to go to the Jerez de la Frontera area.

It was beautiful! The people we talked to were quite open and we were able to pray for quite a few people and have good conversations.

Lady at the supermarket

Alberto struck up a conversation with a lady who was standing at the entrance to the Mercadona (supermarket) for charity. She was very interested in what Alberto had to say about Jesus. She also appeared to have problems with her health. Her knee was bothering her and she told us she needed surgery. Alberto suggested praying for it, which was allowed. After a short prayer, she was amazed: she felt that something had changed and the pain had disappeared from her knee. She was very eager to learn more so we gave her a little card of the movie The Last Reformation: The Beginning. She mentioned that her sister was also interested in this kind of thing because she was doing reiki. “Here, let her watch this video,” and we gave her a card with the story of the reiki master meeting Jesus.

Praying for man after church

In the place where we were, there were relatively many evangelical churches (4 of them). That is because the place is close to Gibraltar (British, so Protestant), but there is also a U.S. naval base nearby. In the past, the gospel entered the Hispanic community through that route.

We decided to visit one of the churches. We had run into the pastor on Friday night. A very enthusiastic Pentecostal pastor. The church was quite large and he preached a beautiful sermon. At the end, he called someone forward. A man came stumbling forward on crutches. Also, one eye was half closed. The pastor prayed for healing, along with the rest of the church. Then I saw something we encounter more often. There was a powerfully spoken prayer, but no expectation that the man would actually be able to walk away without crutches after that.

After the service, we walked up to the man and asked if we could pray some more for him. He was okay with that. And after each prayer, we asked him to test if his leg was already improving. He kept saying “mejor,” better. At one point, he gave us an enthusiastic hug and said gracias! Apparently it was all good now.

I said, then you won’t need those either and pointed to his crutch. He handed it to me and walked fast (alsmost ran) out in front of me. In front of the church where many people were still talking, he stood there jumping and said, “They prayed and I’m better again!

We then spent some time praying for his eye. He said it allowed him to see a little more, but here we did not see immediate improvement. Moments later, when we had said goodbye to everyone, his eye was still half closed. But he did stand and talk enthusiastically about other miracles God had done earlier in his life.

Jesus is real and is with us when we go out in His name!

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