…and the first Pioneer Training School in Spain begins! We are still working hard every day to prepare everything. It’s quite a challenge to get it all done in time. The team is growing quite a bit. Meanwhile Nadia, Andre, Sophie and Mirjam have also arrived. Every morning we meet at 10:00 to discuss the day, divide up the work and pray together.

The room where the education is given is now ready! This was possible because some who read this blog gave us money for this. We are very happy with that! Thank you so much!

We are also working on making the common room livable. This used to be a horse stable 🙂 We are renovating this so it can become a common area.

The toilets are still a point of concern. At the moment there is only one toilet and in total there will be about twenty people in that house! So that’s not very much. We hope to be able to install 2 more toilets in the near future. We have found a suitable space that we can easily connect to the existing bathroom on the floor below. Alternatively, we can rent a toilet truck. For those of you who have the heart to support us in this, you can do so via the button at the bottom of this page 🙂

We hope to eventually make this house suitable to host several schools, kickstart weekends, etc.! And as a residence for disciples. And so reach Spain with the gospel of Jesus Christ! As you can see on the pictures, it doesn’t all work out in 2 weeks, but luckily it doesn’t have to be perfect. At least we have something to start with and we are very grateful to God for that! We had a lot of help, also from a man from the village who came to help with all kinds of repairs.

That was a short update. Until next time!

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