Lighting fires everywhere…

A new chapter is starting in our lives and quite a lot of people have already asked to keep a blog again. I’m going to try that, although it’s quite difficult in practice! That’s why I started a Twitter account with which I can at least send out updates via short messages about where we are and what is happening.

Last year we came into contact with Abraham and Annemarie, whom we had known for a few years, but more at a distance. They have lived in CuraƧao for a while and currently live in Switzerland. She shared with us a dream that God has given them, namely to “go through Europe with a torch and light fires everywhere.” It also clicked with my desire to get back on the road for Jesus and see where God leads us. So Evelyn and I started praying that maybe we could work together.

We did a 2 week Pioneer Training School in Poland with Abraham and Annemarie and on the first night there God spoke very specifically. We did an introduction round and first Evelyn and I introduced ourselves and then Annemarie and Abraham. There was a man there from South Africa who then said, “When you two couples were talking I pictured you being like torches that will light fires all over Europe.” We looked at each other and were impressed by this particular confirmation!

Then we started making plans and praying. We had in our minds to leave early April. That seemed quite impossible, because quite a lot still had to be arranged. At first we thought about selling our house, but God put us in touch with a couple with children (also Christians) who wanted to rent our house including all furniture. It all went very smoothly and the timing was perfect again – God is at work! Just like it was when we left for Denmark. So we could easily leave. We deregistered in the Municipality of Emmen and then left for Switzerland in a camper.

And from Switzerland we left with a team to Spain, 7 adults and 6 children. The people in the team come from Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

At the moment of writing this I am enjoying the sun in Bilbao, Spain. We look forward to what God will do in the near future! Keep an eye on this blog to stay informed!

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