Several months ago, early this year, an old friend contacted us asking if we could meet sometime. We knew him from when we lived in Denmark (2015-2016).

We connected via video call and soon found out that we share the same vision of reaching people with the gospel. He explained that God had spoken to him about Spain. He wanted to visit with his family to talk about this and to spend a week on the road together. We had this week in March and it was very good!

God seemed to arrange it so that several people joined us that week. For example Rodrigo and Sophie. They were initially going to visit earlier, from Canada, so we could admire their newborn son. But due to circumstances, they ended up coming by exactly during that week. Or Priscilla, a stranger who “wandered in” with her camper.

We were able to use the disciple house in the province of Jaén for this week, which was another real blessing. We thank God for this. We are also very grateful to Peter and Ank for all the help they provided again and again during our stay there, they were the managing couple there for 6 months and we felt extremely welcome and super well taken care of every time. As of April 1, they left for Holland again as their 6 months in the discipleship house were over. We hope to see them again soon.

During this week we got to know each other better and we had a great time! We took to the streets several times and met a pastor from a local church in the park, among others. We were invited and allowed to share something about us and the work in the service. Also, someone in our group received word of knowledge that there would be someone with abdominal discomfort in the room. It turned out that one was indeed there and we were allowed to pray for that person.

Another great moment was when we were on the streets sharing the gospel of Jesus and praying for healing. Priscilla had no experience with that before and then was allowed to see for the first time how God wanted to use her in that way as well. We were just about to leave, when suddenly I saw a girl and a boy having problems. The girl walked all crooked and it seemed like she couldn’t walk any further. I signaled Priscilla and she walked right up to them. The girl said she probably ate something wrong and they had a huge stomach ache and wanted to call the doctor. Priscilla didn’t aar the same and put her hand on her stomach and sent the pain away, in Jesus’ name. Immediately the girl stood upright again and said, “it’s better.” Both looked at us dumbfounded, and when they later continued on their way (normally) they kept looking back, talking about what had just happened.

This month we are going to the Netherlands for about 3 weeks. Among other things, the Connection Weekend to attend.

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