Quiet weekend

This weekend the whole ‘Luke 10’ school was out and about. This group of students is learning to go out and preach the gospel the way Jesus taught in the Bible in Luke chapter 10. They go to a certain city in search of a ‘person of peace’. That is someone who is open to the gospel and who welcomes them into their home. Once this person is born again, they try to spread the gospel to their family and friends as well.

They’ll be back in a few minutes, so curious about their stories! In the meantime it was very quiet for us, but Jan and Elly Booij from Coevorden came to keep us company. They arrived on Thursday and left again this morning.


This afternoon Thijs, Maarten and I (Robbert) explored the area further. Nearby is a kind of swamp, where you can escape the bustle of the city for a while.





While we were gone, Evelyn had time to finally iron the curtains and hang them up for the new TV studio. It’s starting to look like it!


Recordings are made in this studio as a follow-up to The Pioneer School ( www.delaatstereformatie.nl/the-pioneer-school ).




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