Schools and mission trips!

We had a very nice Pioneer Training School! A great team and great students. Just now we waved goodbye to the last participants. It was the first time we held a school at this location, and it has been very good. Especially for families, the place turned out to be very suitable, with lots of play space and a swimming pool. The plan is to organize many more schools here in the future!

The goal of the school is to lay a solid foundation for (new) disciples: what is the gospel and how do I share it with others? And how can we be church together? These questions are answered during the 3 weeks and there is a lot of opportunity to put everything into practice. In addition, we teach classes on character (fruits of the Spirit), living by faith and finances, and how to be church together. It was all very good and the students had many new experiences. And so do we!

If you want to attend a school yourself, check the TLR Map and look for these symbols:

One of the students said, before school started I got nervous at the idea of going out on the street and talking to someone about Jesus. But now at the end of school and right before the short mission trip, I’m really looking forward to it! All fear is gone!

Before school started, I got nervous at the idea of going out on the street and talking to someone about Jesus.

Our children also really enjoyed this place. Not before did we have a school where there were so many (young) children. We had a separate children’s program for this and it worked great. God sent the right people to help with this.

During school we also had two kickstart weekends at the same time: in Cadiz and in Cáceres. Great things happened on both weekends. I myself went to Cáceres with some of the students.

Schools and mission trips

The plan now is to alternate between mission trips and schools in the coming months. The gospel is thus made known in Spain! Over the past few weeks, many people around here have had a touch with the living God. They have heard the gospel or experienced healing. We have also once again encountered people who want to give their lives to Jesus. So God’s work continues!

In the coming time, we will take a break as a family. We were again invited to stay in the house of Dutch people in Coín (where we have been before). We are extremely grateful to God for helping us this far!

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  1. Great to hear that you had wonderful time in the school.
    Thank you for the update.
    May God give you a really good time to rest and be prepared for the next adventure together with him.

    May God bless you guys.
    Roberts & Aiga

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