Time flies..

Time goes by so fast! It’s been weeks since I wrote the last post. That included the first program that was released. In the meantime we have already made 6! And the responses we get back are very good. Like these:

I think we’ll just have to cut and paste the responses to each episode, because they’re all the same: Wow, wow, wow. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for your calling and your strength that makes everything possible. This is so fantastic! More please!

And this one:

Thank you so much for these videos. I am so blessed by the testimony of Michael, as well as the people of New Zealand who leave their farms to follow Jesus!

Here’s an overview of all episodes released so far.

This one (#1) is with our neighbor André, who shares his testimony. He wanted to follow Jesus, but ran into a wall in the church.


Michael came to visit unplanned and had a great story. He literally gave up everything and went to follow Jesus. He quit his job, gave his car away. Until one day he couldn’t pay the rent anymore and he had to leave the house… and what happened next.


Nikhil (#3) has an interesting story, again about leaving everything behind and following Jesus. This theme keeps coming up – and although it is not planned, it is a theme that appeals to me (because we are doing this too). If you read the Bible, you will see how much Jesus says about this. Giving up certainties and following Jesus are inextricably linked!

Unfortunately this one is only in Danish. It is about Peter Rasmussen, who has been a professional football player in the Danish national team. About his search for God, how he found him and the radical life he lives now.

We are doing well! Although it is often difficult to live here, because we live in a small space with little privacy. But we didn’t expect it to be easy either, so given the circumstances we’re doing fine.

Thijs and Maarten are already completely settled. They have grown very close in recent times and can now play very nice with each other.


We also receive nice messages from the people who rent our house. The hens have chicks! 2 pieces so far.. maybe more will follow 🙂

jugsAnd Evelyn is doing great too! She is now 23 weeks pregnant and her belly has grown quite a bit! I now realize that I haven’t written about her pregnancy on this blog before, so maybe that’s a surprise for some who read this :S Unfortunately we haven’t had a 20 week ultrasound yet, because it all took a bit long to emigrate and find a doctor. But that seems to be happening soon 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now.. greetings from sunny Aalborg.


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