Today: Torben a full year in prison

Surely this touches me immensely.

Evangelist Torben Sondergaard, meanwhile, has been in jail in Florida for a YEAR. He was detained during a meeting about his pending asylum application. Before he left to that meeting, he told his wife and children, “See you in a few days!”.

But it was not a few days. He has been behind bars for a year today. It gives me a stomach ache just thinking about it.

You may be thinking: asylum application? Why did he seek asylum from a Western country like Denmark? You can find out all about it in this docuseries that I also contributed to.


“A DANGER to national security”

Over time, it became clear why he was imprisoned. Several (false!) reports had been received by the U.S. government that led to Torben being flagged. A single individual at Homeland Security concluded, “Torben is a danger to national security”. That is why he was detained and cannot be released on bond.

The absurd false accusations range from scams, fraud, human trafficking, child abuse, rape, making false statements, embezzlement of millions, and more. No evidence at all. Just too crazy for words! And they all come from a very select group of people eager to see the demise of Torben and The Last Reformation. These are the same people who also influenced the Danish government, through the media and false reports, among other things. 

Anyone who dives a little bit into this matter will see how nonsensical and unjust this all is.

And then you see how Christian persecution is suddenly real, even in the West. Because that is what it is.

I am in regular contact with Torben and I am very impressed with how he manages to stay cheerful and find his strength in Jesus despite the circumstances. In fact, it is very encouraging and edifying to hear him speak about his experiences inside the prison walls. But also sad when you hear what conditions he is in there. In the video below, he shares about it. Or if you prefer to read text, you can find it here.

He has my deepest respect. 

Prayers for Torben and Lene and their children! That God will turn this situation around and use it to further make His Kingdom known.

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